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Liberating Structures

1 day, or 2 virtual sessions of 4hrs.

Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust. They quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. Liberating Structures are a disruptive innovation that can replace more controlling or constraining approaches.

Learning Events

This workshop is a great way to get started. There are no presentations, facilitated discussions, status reports, brainstorming sessions, or open discussions. Participants will get hands-on experience in many Liberating Structures.

Workshop Agenda:

• Introductions
• Impromptu Networking
• 1-2-4 All
• Appreciative Interviews
• Panarchy- Systems Thinking
• Open Space/ Fish Bowl
• Troika Consulting
• Triz
• Heard- Seen- Respected
• Ecocyle Planning
• Conclusion with self-reflections

Note: This agenda is for a one day workshop. If you want hands-on experience in more Liberating Structures, this could be extended to a 2-day workshop. Contact Us for further information.