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Please find FAQs related to Agile. If you can't find your questions here, then please send us your questions via Contact Us form and we would love to come back to you.

Product Vision is an overarching goal of the product. It provides the purpose of why we are building a Product and helps create a big picture. 

It enables Transparency by creating a shared goal for The Scrum Teams as well as Stakeholders. This shared goal helps in the decision making process throughout the life of the product.

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A good Sprint Goal should have few characteristics and these characteristics provide some benefits. 

Focus: Sprint Goal provides a shared purpose to the Scrum team and provides the opportunity to act as a single team rather than individuals working on separate things. So, it creates coherence. 

Flexibility- Most product development initiatives fall in a complex domain where uncertainty is high. Sprint Goal provides flexibility to cope up with this uncertainty and creates room for creativity and innovation.  

Purpose: It should provide value and meaning in the development team’s work. It should provide something to celebrate if achieved.

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Gathering metrics for your agile team will help them find opportunities for improvement in both the product and themselves.

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